I'm making a skirt steak salad with baby beets to feed 25-30 people. Not sure how many beets I should buy. I was thinking 2 dozen.

It seems like they are sold in bunches of four, I don't want to over buy.

James Durazzo


ZombieCupcake March 17, 2013
You might want to just give the full menu
James D. March 16, 2013
Yes, they are bite sized, rather small. I don't want them to overwhelm the salad. I think I might go with 3 dozen
amysarah March 16, 2013
2 dozen for that many people is less than one beet per person. Assuming they're small ('baby'), I'd double it. At least.
Monita March 16, 2013
Will depend alot on how small the baby beets are. If they are bite size 0 which they can be sometimes, I'd get more. Otherwise 2 dozen should work
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