Soup puree separating

I am making soup... pureed some of the veggies in it cools it has separated... what can I do to save it

alice cassidy


alice C. September 20, 2017
Thank you yes... I do like a thicker soup for this version. It's matzo balls and some carrots and celery... so it's heartier with a pureed veggie base. I added some chicken fat then the carrots and celery and it tastes delicous!! Thank you for your help!!!!
Nancy September 20, 2017
Just guessing, this often happens with (pure) vegetable soups heavy on water/liquid and low on fat/emulsifier.
Add a fat to taste either now or when heating up to serve.
If not a vegetable soup, please tell us more or link to recipe.
alice C. September 20, 2017
Hi!! I was actually making matzo ball soup... first step for me is making chicken stock... then I remove the chicken and puree some of the veggies in it... step two is adding fresh veggies and then the balls...which have been cooked separately... it's funny... but as I was making it i noticed I didn't put nearly enough chicken in. Maybe that's the problem lol not enough chicken fat. Can u suggest how I can add more fat as I am heating it up? Thank you!!
Nancy September 20, 2017
With vegetable puree, this sounds like a variation on the usual clear chicken stock in which the matzo balls are served. I wouldn't worry about achieving a full emulsification.
1) leave the vegetables out (save for another use) and serve matzo balls in clear soup;
2) or add the vegetables as planned, add a few tablespons of fat (chicken fat or good oil), heat up, add heated matzo balls & serve.

PS How much fat to add? start with only a little, say tablespoon per quart of soup. Taste, add salt & pepper as needed, then add more fat if you want. Always easier to add than remove.
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