Made pesto with not optimal fresh basil. Should i try to redeemit by adding fresh basil or chuck it.?

Made pesto withnotquite fresh basil Should I add fresher basil to it to try to redeem it or just chuck it?

Helen Drezner


SKK October 3, 2017
Am curious what you mean when you say 'not so fresh basil'. Was it brown? Some brown spots won't hurt the flavor. But if it was at the stage where it turned slimy, not so great and I would toss. I cut basil from my garden and put the stem in water and the basil stays fresh for at least a week. Put it in the refrigerator, however, and it starts turning brown, the next stage being slimy.
PHIL October 3, 2017
Even not so fresh basil still tastes like basil, not sure why it tastes grassy. Sam had the best idea freeze it. It was bad year for basil in the Northeast
Helen D. October 3, 2017
Will it be alright for soups but not pasta? It tastes grassy.
Nancy October 3, 2017
Helen Drezner -
This sounds like a taste question, and since you & your household are the ultimate judges on whether you like it enough to eat, it's for you to decide.
If you're uncertain the addition of fresh basil will be worth it, use this as a chance to experiment. Split this batch in half and doctor part with added fresh basil. Then compare. You'll know for next time if it works, and if it's worth it
Sam1148 October 3, 2017
Just put in a cube tray and freeze it and add it to soup or tomato sauce when needed.
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