What is the best way to store vegan cake?

I love ChefShanaRachel’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes. I doubled the recipe and made 2 9-in cakes with the plans of layering the coconut whip between and on top (won’t add the whip until I serve it). Unfortunately the person I made it for is under the weather and I have to store it overnight. What is the best way to keep the cake moist? I live in a very humid environment. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!



BerryBaby July 18, 2018
I freeze unfrosted cakes and they keep extremely well. The trick is to wrap them tightly so the air stays out.
Nancy July 17, 2018
Gingerroot -
I'm guessing you gave the vegan detail in case it affected keeping/storage time.
But/and Ttrockwood advice also holds true for cakes made with animal products.
Ttrockwood July 17, 2018
It’s fine room temp for a day or so, any longer i would wrap well and freeze. Refrigerated cake tends to dry out quickly
gingerroot July 17, 2018
Thank you Ttrockwood! That was my instinct as well so I hope we eat it tomorrow, as I left it out (in a cake container) at work.
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