Tried and True Chocolate fudge frosting/icing recipe

My Moms mom didnt cook, but Mom always talks about this cake she'd make with a chocolate fudge frosting-spread, not poured- that "left teeth marks". You guys know what Im talking about:) Id like to make it for her. There are a lot of recipes out there so Im wondering if anyone has a go-to recipe that fits this description? Thank you in advance!

Jennifer W


Nancy October 18, 2017
There are some websites that identify popular dishes by decade. If you know the years your Mom enjoyed this cake (childhood? Teens?), you'd have a better chance of identifying it and maybe a recipe for the frosting.
Jennifer W. October 19, 2017
Thats a great idea!!
Jennifer W. October 18, 2017
To elaborate, Im thinking it must have been a cooked frosting, something that sets up well, unlike a "fluffy" icing, but not a poured ganache.... Im considering the Joy of Cooking Chocolate Fudge Frosting. Its basically their Fudge recipe that you beat an additional tsp of cream into and it says you can cover it room temp up to a week- but would as little as 1 tsp of cream really turn fudge into a frosting??
HalfPint October 18, 2017
So my go-to choc frosting is smooth and doesn't 'set up'. Not sure if I would use the word "fluffy" to describe it. But it's smooth and satiny. You might want to try a whipped chocolate ganache frosting which sort of sets up when cooled.

I, too, am skeptical that 1 tsp of cream is going to turn fudge into frosting. Maybe a 1 TB to start. But if you want something that's a big firmer than the typical frosting, then the Joy of Cooking recipe might be the way to go.
HalfPint October 18, 2017
This is my go-to chocolate frosting:

My friends swear by this frosting recipe from Hershey's,

Jennifer W. October 18, 2017
Thanks! Im checking these out now...
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