where are the questions to answer so I can do the Thanksgiving planner.

no matter I have tried the "lets get started" button, I have scrolled down I have tried to click on every clickable item but still no questions?????

caroline baertsch


caroline B. November 6, 2017
So I tried it on my cell phone and all the catagories showed up and had drop down menus. No idea why I couldn't see it on my lap top. Thank you Joanna, you probably thought I was drunk! hahahahaha
Joanna S. November 5, 2017
Are you able to select the drop down "view recipes" for each category? That's where the recipes can be found to add to your menu.
Joanna S. November 5, 2017
Hi Caroline,

You can start putting together your menu here: https://food52.com/thanksgiving/menu-maker

Each question is by course (main course, potatoes, etc.), with categories that follow (classic turkey, meat, etc.). Look through the categories for the recipes you want and add them to your menu.
caroline B. November 5, 2017
I have been to that site 15 times but I am not seeing
#1 where to answer the questions
#2 where to choose the recipes there is no place to click on?
I do see it is by course; but where are the recipes for each category?
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