I'm a vegan. Can I make a pie crust with non-dairy margarine or should I use shortening?



PieceOfLayerCake November 9, 2017
I've heard people have had success with coconut oil. It can be found organic, non-hydrogenated and unrefined...much less processed than shortening. You'll probably wind up with something flakier if you use shortening, but it's so horribly bad for you.

AntoniaJames November 9, 2017
Spectrum Organics makes a shortening that is not hydrogenated, which I've used in recipes from reputable sources, and liked. If shortening is not hydrogenated, is it still problematic? Thanks PoLC. ;o)
stefanie November 7, 2017
Depending on what kind of pie you're making (if you have a lighter flavor profile, shortening is probably the better choice), you could also go with an olive oil crust https://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/no-roll-pie-crust-recipe.

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AntoniaJames November 7, 2017
I'd get a reliable recipe that calls for shortening! The non-dairy margarines have a lot - and indeterminate amount - of water in them, making substitutions quite tricky. ;o)
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