If I order wreaths now will they survive through chrismtmas

Or when should I order

  • Posted by: Jason
  • November 10, 2017


Jason November 10, 2017
Inside, and will hang them on sat, 12/2 and everything else in my cart here. I think better to order on Friday, Nov. 24 to arrive mid the next week? hang on 12/2, party on 12/3.

Amanda H. November 10, 2017
Yes, that sounds like a good plan. When you order that Friday, you can also send me a note -- amanda [at] food52 [dot] com -- and I'll make sure your order gets out on time.
Amanda H. November 10, 2017
Hi Jason, will you be hanging the wreaths inside or outside? If the latter, what kind of climate do you live in?
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