I am baking banana bread. This is the second time that it has overflowed while baking (it has never happened before). What could be the problem.

Maria Holder


Nancy November 13, 2017
No matter what the cause, you don't want a mess in the oven (or loss of good cake) each time you bake banana bread.
Use larger pans and/or fill the current ones no more than 2/3 full.
This leaves space for cake to expand during baking without overflowing.
Droplet November 12, 2017
Your oven could be running hot. If you are able to get or borrow an oven thermometer.
Maria H. November 12, 2017
could the problem be that the baking powder is outdated (Best used by 2/17
Emmie November 12, 2017
Normally that would make the batter not rise enough, not overflow! If you've made the recipe before without problems, check your measurements and pan size. If both times you've made it it's overflowed, try another recipe and see if that also overflows.
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