Switching banana bread to banana cake?

I'm making banana bread but the loaf pan I have is smaller than normal. Can I do this in a square 8x8 aluminum pan instead? What's the conversion rate, and would I have any issues with baking time/etc.?



sabrina0 June 13, 2012
Thanks @RachelS - it's in the oven now. I am a little worried about the texture but the general volume looks right, so I'll hope for the best.
Rachel S. June 14, 2012
You're welcome... How did it turn out?
Rachel S. June 13, 2012
You likely can bake it in an 8x8 pan with fine results, but I would perhaps start checking it beginning 15 minutes before the banana bread was supposed to be done had you cooked it in a loaf pan. I've seen (and made) a few cake and quick read recipes that give directions for loaf and/or Bundt pans (depending on what's available to you or what you prefer to use), and I'm guessing that while a Bundt pan would give you more of a similar texture and baking time to a loaf pan (if you have enough batter for a Bundt pan that is) an 8x8 pan will probably be tasty as well though I'd prepare for either a gooey center or well-cooked outer edges. Maybe stick both the center and outside with a toothpick until they are at the happiest medium for you!
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