I want to make zucchini muffins but don't have enough zucchini. Can I grate a sweet potato and add that with the same results?

  • Posted by: ajpelle
  • November 15, 2017


ajpelle November 16, 2017
Thanks all!
BerryBaby November 15, 2017
My Harvest Muffin recipe uses zucchini, carrots and apple. If you have carrots and an apple you could try it. They are good!
Niknud November 15, 2017
I would recommend an apple
caninechef November 15, 2017
I doubt it, there is a lot more water in a cup of zucchini than in a cup of sweet potato. And I assume the starch/sugar contents are pretty different also. That said if you google sweet potato zucchini muffins you will actually get results pop up. Maybe you will find something to use as a guide.
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