Leftover roasted potatoes: not good.

Why do my leftover roasted potatoes taste amazing right out of the oven, and really disappointing for lunch the next day? Other roasted vegetables don't seem to change in the same way as potatoes do.

Also, what's a better way to prepare potatoes with leftovers in mind? (not counting mashed potatoes)



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inpatskitchen February 14, 2012
We make a simple hash brown with the potatoes, onion and green bell pepper (and lots of black pepper) and then put a fried egg on top.
hardlikearmour February 14, 2012
I'm with ipk. Why not use them for breakfast instead? Turn them into hash or home fries.
Mr_Vittles February 14, 2012
Smash'em. Pan Fry'em in duck fat (or vegetable oil). Season heavily with salt and pepper. This is delicious.
Kristy M. February 14, 2012
I sometimes boil potatoes so I can have them ready whenever I want them. Sliced up on salads, or eaten with aioli.
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