Dorie Greenspan's French Apple Cake question. How can I make this cakier and less clafoutis-like?

The cake comes out very moist, almost borderline pudding-like. Ingredients - 4 apples, melted butter, flour, 3 tbsps rum, vanilla, baking powder, 2 eggs. Should I increase the flour and decrease the amount of rum to achieve a more cake-like result.

  • Posted by: Alex
  • November 23, 2017


Stephanie B. November 23, 2017
The additional flour will balance out the moisture of the egg and the egg will function mostly to hold more air and increase the fluffiness of the cake.
Alex November 23, 2017
Thank you so much. Btw, the additional egg won't make it too moist? I am going to check out the other recipe link you suggested.
Stephanie B. November 23, 2017
You can add another egg and increase the flour to 1 cup to increase the fluffiness. I wouldn't decrease the rum. You can also try a different recipe for a cakier cake. Here's a nice one -
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