One oven a turkey and a ribroast to cook by tomorrow dinner

I am hosting a late thanksgiving for some army enlisted personnel..they just showed up with a rib roast for me to cook along with the turkey i have....I only have one do I get a golden brown juicy turkey and a medium rare tender rib roast done for dinner tommorrow.

Bevmck McKinnerney


Bevmck M. November 23, 2017
They both would fit in the oven crammed in but turkey i cook at 325 for 4 hours the rib roast like 250 for 5 or 6 hours....How can I get them both done without the roast being tough.... I even thought about a slow cooker as I saw some slo cooker recipes but the roast wont fit by about 3 inches
Nancy November 24, 2017
Perhaps the turkey (whole or cut up) will fit in the slow cooker, leaving the oven for the rib roast...
Valerio F. November 23, 2017
Here's what I'd do: cook my turkey in the morning. Feel free to riff on any of these methods:

After you roast and broil your turkey to the golden crisp you desire. Empty your oven and make space for your rib roast. Cook the ribs in the oven before you eat.

Hope this helps!
Bevmck M. November 23, 2017
My problem is the turkey will only need about 4 hours at 325.. the rib roast I think will need at least 5 hours at like 250.....I can get both in but I know the rib roast will be tough if cooked that fast and high and the guys love their a turkey that long at that low a tempeture doesnt sound like it would worrk eithor

702551 November 23, 2017
Assuming these are too big to cram both of them into the oven at the same time (and you don't have access to a grill or second oven -- like a friend's), I would roast the turkey first, set aside, then do the rib roast. After you pull out the rib roast to rest, stick the turkey pieces back in the oven to reheat.
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