What can I use to baste my turkey to get it golden brown



steph November 25, 2015
Interesting info via The Food Lab: "Basting will not add moisture to meat, but it can help a turkey cook faster if you are behind schedule. Basting will also re-deposit dripped proteins and aromatic compounds onto the surface of the turkey, which can add flavor but also creates uneven browning. Basted birds tend to have a streaky-skinned appearance."
the R. December 2, 2012
Cheesecloth, butter and white wine are awesome. I've prepared Turkey this way for 25 years. Never fails, wonderful
bman November 25, 2015
what about chicken stock
Gail M. November 22, 2012
Sorry my IPhone is acting strange. Baste every 30 minutes.

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Gail M. November 22, 2012
I cut a cheesecloth enough to cover the turkey. Melt a stick of butter in an entire bottle of an inexpensive white wine. Immerse the cloth in the liquid and cover the turkey. I keep basting5 minutes away with the wine and butter. It's a beautiful golden brown.
bigpan November 18, 2012
What can you use?
Get a plastic turkey baster from the dollar store. You'll only use it a few times a year so no point buying an over priced one from the over priced kitchen store.
peicook November 18, 2012
Keep basting with the drippings that are at the bottom of the pan every 20 mins or so and as it roasts you will develop that deep golden brown colour.
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