Easy low carb freezer dinners?

I'd like to get my brother some easy satisfying low carb dinners for the freezer (meat, fish, and veggies in one dish). No soup (he has some disabilities that make it hard to manage). What can I make and freeze? Does anyone recommend a pre made brand for emergencies? It has to be healthy and low carb..

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • November 25, 2017


Nancy November 27, 2017
Fish chowders with no-carb or low carb vegetables (omit corn & root veg). Freeze in 1-2 cup portions.
Same for stews (fish or meat).
Easy to defrost & heat in regular or mw oven.
Also, you can pack raw fish fillets with aromatics (onion garlic celery fennel) for single portion meal, to be cooked straight from freezer in covered frypan, oven or mw.
Nancy November 27, 2017
Reread the bit about soup.
Sorry I'd forgotten it when writing.
If that also knocks out stews, maybe make cooked meat and veg (braised or roasted) with no or very little liquid.
MNLisaB November 26, 2017
Sheet pan dinners are a good option using lower starch veg and proteins, very easy to make, just roast with olive oil and salt & pepper for a 30 minutes or so @ 425* then foil wrap once cooled a bit. You could also crockpot pork until tender and use it a variety of ways, just add salsa, cheese, sour cream and maybe low carb wraps, if carbs allow, or else romaine lettuce leaves for wraps. For an asian flavor, try green onions, touch of hoisin, siracha, etc.
MMH November 26, 2017
When my daughter was young, I used to make things which she could warm up. I roasted or grilled a variety of chicken cuts and froze them. Then, I would put them & some veggies in a microwave safe dish to thaw in the fridge overnight so she could reheat.
You can also make foil packets for the oven with fish & veggies. I've never frozen those.
You can also grill or roast boneless skinless breast or thighs, freeze & reheat for sandwiches or salads.
I hope that helps a little.
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