How to add egg in eggless bread?

I saw a milk bread recipe but I want to add eggs in it because egg hepls in more leavening, gives richness and golden brown color to bread.
Here is the recipe:-
1 1/2 tsp Hovis Fast Action Bread Yeast
500g Hovis Super Strong White Bread Flour
1 tbsp sugar
25g butter
1 tsp salt
350ml milk
I think in this recipe some steps are missing. As this calls for only one time time rise not 2nd rise.
Suggest me how can I add eggs in it and if this recipe has something wrong or not.

Manisha Agrawal


creamtea November 26, 2017
I agree with Stephanie B, why not follow a recipe for challah, which is developed to use eggs (although traditionally milk is not used in challah, more recent recipes sometimes call for milk).
Stephanie B. November 26, 2017
The recipe you posted just seems to have a single rise. If you want to add eggs to milk bread, why not use a recipe that has both milk and eggs, like this one:
Another thing that might be useful is looking up other bread recipes, like brioche and challah, that use eggs to see when they are mixed into the dough.
Manisha A. November 26, 2017
Thanks :-) what will be texture of final product?
Stephanie B. November 26, 2017
I haven't made the bread in the link, but I've made both brioche and challah - they're fluffy and soft, like most enriched breads. But if you really want to know, try making one of these ;)
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