duck eggs!

I bought a dozen eggs from a local farmer. The first one I boiled until it was just between soft and hard boiled, the white was set and the yolk just beginning to gel as it cooled. It was delicious and very rich — I enjoyed but couldn't finish it. Then I made two loaves of brioche bread. Usually I add saffron to my brioche for color but I didn't this time and it was still the deepest, most beautiful golden yellow. The eggs have a slightly gamey flavor that I enjoy when plain but it is not apparent when added to baked goods.

I still have 7 eggs left. What would you do with them? Either savory or sweet suggestions appreciated!

  • Posted by: Lindsey
  • December 1, 2017


mainecook61 December 4, 2017
I have egg-laying ducks. I like best to use the eggs in ice cream---the most beautiful French vanilla ever (or any other flavor). Custards are nice, also. One place they do not work: popovers.

Nancy December 2, 2017
The usual, where you like a chicken egg and want the richer flavor (poached, on steak, in pasta, etc.).
There are lots of recipes and lists out there, for ex:
Greenstuff December 2, 2017
If you like eggnog, you should really try this recipe adapted from Fäviken by Magnus Nilsson. I discovered it when I was reviewing the book as a Piglet Community Pick. I wrote it up for 6 duck eggs, but you could easily scale it back to use just one or two of the eggs you have left.
702551 December 1, 2017
Omelette, quiche, frittata
Caitlin T. December 1, 2017
creme brulee! cooked on top of a pizza!
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