Sending food to Australia - has anyone sent food packages to Australia internationally and encountered food restrictions from customs?

Trying to figure out what we’re allowed to send in a food package and if we can send anything homemade or will customs allow it?



Nancy December 2, 2017
Sometimes, when I want to send gifts to friends in other countries, I find a supplier in-that-country (of fruits, chocolates, whatever) & place an order with them.
This choice by-passes customs, gives quality goods, a local tel or email if there are problems with the order, and is usually cheaper in shipping costs than sending internationally.
I realize it does not fulfill all the terms of the swap, especially the sending of homemade food. Maybe, for that, you could send your giftee two or three of your favorite recipes, for them to make there...perhaps with the Australian quality ingredients you buy for them.
Or maybe ask the swap organizers to give you someone closer to home and your Aussie giftee someone there as their gift-giver...
Hope these ideas are some help ;)
Emiko December 2, 2017
Australia is pretty tough when it comes to food coming in! You're not meant to send anything homemade or perishable -- I think preserves like jam might be ok but you're safer with something store bought that is in its original packaging with a list of the ingredients. Also -- don't pack anything in wood, such as a crate, or in straw or egg boxes, these natural materials are often fumigated to destroy any bugs, better off with bubble wrap! There's some useful info here: and also look at the prohibited items list on the official Customs website,
LeishaEllen December 2, 2017
Yep I’ve been researching and it seems difficult! We got someone in Australia for the holiday swap and trying to figure out what we can include homemade!
Emiko December 2, 2017
Oh that's tricky. Maybe you can think of something where you can send some dried or packaged goods that make up or contribute to a recipe (along with the recipe!) to the receiver to make themselves? For practical reasons I'm sure they'd understand (and appreciate the thoughtfulness!). For example, some kind of unique collection of spices for gingerbread, along with a cute cookie cutter and the recipe? Might be better than risking it get tossed!
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