Food processor vs food mill

A recipe for blueberry jam I have stars to run the berries through a food mill. Problem: I don't have a food mill. Can I just whiz them in my food processor instead?

Meghann Cantey


SKK July 17, 2015
Food mills are inexpensive and an amazing addition to a kitchen. The food processor will not take the 'skins' away.
lpowell89 July 17, 2015
A food mill will remove the seeds and skin for you, basically straining the jam as you "process" the berries. If you have a China cap or mesh strainer, I would push the berries through it using a laddle after the food processor to remove the skin and seeds.
lem M. July 17, 2015
If you do want the same silky smooth (and seedless!) texture you would get from a food mill, you can pass the blueberries through a fine mesh sieve after having puréed them in the food processor.
ktr July 16, 2015
You can but you will end up with a more textured jam than if you used a food mill.
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