Fruit yeast starter

Somewhere I read recipe of Fruit yeast starter.
I don't know how to use it, its effect on bread regarding leavening and taste.
And of course which type of yeast bread will be suitable for it?

Manisha Agrawal


Ted December 3, 2017
I've heard of "starters" from culturing fruit. Nancy Silverton did one using wild grapes, and you can easily find information about that, including youtube videos, through googling. I think people have also used apples and potatoes.

One of the critiques I've read of this approach to establishing a "starter" culture is that the yeasts on the fruit aren't sustained in an environment provided by grains, so eventually the culture is populated by yeasts and bacteria common to grains (as a sourdough culture would), and the yeasts and bacteria from the fruit dies out.

I'v not tried this: its only what I've read, and perhaps others have first-hand experience.
Stephanie B. December 3, 2017
I'm not sure what you're asking - are you referring to making a sourdough starter?
Manisha A. December 3, 2017
Visit this link...
Actually I'm new in baking.
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