what brand of canned diced tomatoes does not have preservatives in them?

the preservatives keeps them from becoming soft and forgot the name of the brand that does not use

Sherry E
  • Posted by: Sherry E
  • December 10, 2017


Sherry E. December 11, 2017
thank you everyone for my answers!!!
ChefJune December 11, 2017
Imported Italian tomatoes have no additives other than possibly salt.
BerryBaby December 11, 2017
POMI they are packed in a box. Really good quality and flavor.
Marie F. December 10, 2017
Carmelina San Marzano tomatoes do not have preservatives.
Sherry E. December 10, 2017
thank you
Kendra December 10, 2017
My favorite is this one... https://www.muirglen.com/products/?category=canned_tomatoes
it is also recommended by America’s Test Kitchen for great flavor!
Sherry E. December 10, 2017
thank you
Sherry E. December 10, 2017
whoops I checked website and believe it or not!! they too have calcium chloride, that is what keeps them firm despite any cooking -
Kendra December 10, 2017
Oh sorry! Well it is a good brand otherwise...
Food 52 does say Pomi on an article...
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