how to remove tart from tart pan without removable bottom

  • Posted by: Jackie
  • December 17, 2017


Jackie December 21, 2017
This is a wonderful idea! Thank you so much...I would have never thought of that remedy!!
Sara B. December 21, 2017
Line bottom of pan with nonstick aluminum foil. Magic.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 18, 2017
May be too late for a suggestion but you could try to heat/warm up the bottom with a damp kitchen towel. place one on the microwave to heat and place under pan. Also a small butter knife carefully along the perimeter of the tart and pan may loosen it up. Good luck!
702551 December 17, 2017
Since you didn't post a photo of the specific tart in question (and you didn't describe the contents), it's hard to offer an exact suggestion.

One possibility is to put a plate or baking sheet on top of the tart, flip it over, remove the pan, then put another dish/platter/baking sheet on the bottom, then flip it back right side up.

If the filling is too gooey, you might be forced to cut a wedge out of the tart before you can remove the tart from the pan. Of course, it won't be intact.

Again, it comes down to the specific tart you've made.

Best of luck.
Jackie December 17, 2017
Thank you for your response. I am new to this forum and did not realize my details were too sparse to elicit an opinion. This is the tart:
We made this prior in a springform pan and it was basically fine, but I would prefer the appearance of the tart form. I have a tart pan with removable bottom but it is too large for the recipe; thus, I would prefer to use one of the smaller tart pans I have but they are one piece. This is a good recipe, is not difficult and is well received, so we would like to make it again. I appreciate your input.
702551 December 17, 2017
I didn't say that your lack of detail wouldn't elicit responses. I did say that the lack of detail makes it more difficult to provide meaningful suggestions.

Anyhow now that you have posted a link to the recipe in question, it's easier to provide suggestions.

I stand by my original suggestion of the old flipperoo trick.

If you plan on making this tart on a consistent basis, it may be more advantageous to buy the appropriate sized tart pan with the removable bottom.

Sure, flipping the tart might mess up the aesthetics of the dish, so it's really your call how much you value that. It won't affect the flavor though.

I hope however you tackle this task works out for you.
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