Where can I source the lost bottom for a removable tart pan?

Looking to find replacement bottom for 9" fluted tart pans. I have three rings with no bottoms :(
Thanks in advance!



tripleoak December 11, 2013
I also have four tart rings with no bottoms (got them for free from the restaurant I was working in). I used to make bottoms each time out of tin foil, but have since just started using them without a bottom by pushing them off onto a sheet pan and it works fine, though best for tarts where you prebake the shell at least somewhat.
savorthis July 3, 2013
I have also used ereplacementparts.com for blender and juicer parts.
Sugartoast July 3, 2013
Thanks, everyone, this is very helpful -- including all the ideas about hacking a bottom-less tart pan!!
HalfPint July 3, 2013
I think you can probably still use the rings without the bottoms. Since you most likely be lining the pan with a dough, put the rings on top of parchment, in a baking sheet. Line the dough into the rings and blind bake or fill your tart and bake. The baked tart will release from parchment. You don't have to worry about leaking since you have a crust. I've seen chefs bake cakes in round rings, not cake pans (the cake batter is probably very foamy or thick. So I think you can most likely do without the bottoms.
Pegeen July 3, 2013
Another solution, if you're short on time, is to use tin foil to shorten a baking sheet. Amanda's solution here is square, but you could also make a circle.

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ChefJune July 3, 2013
What a great resource, Monita. Thank you for sharing.
em-i-lis July 3, 2013
Monita, you have made my day! spare bottoms are impossible to come by so this is just fabulous!

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Monita July 3, 2013
Here's a website that sells just tart pan bottoms
primecook August 20, 2018
To save you time, here's a more direct link: https://cooksdream.com/ultimate-baker-cheese-cake-pan-bottom-9-inch-single/
jburt61 April 22, 2019
Thanks. I checked the price. It cost more than buying a new pan at a restaurant supply store.
ChefJune July 3, 2013
Back when I was catering, I lost countless bottoms of tart and springform pans before I got the notion to make false bottoms for them. I have never found a source for "extra bottoms."
Anna M. November 14, 2022
What did you use to make the false bottoms?
tripleoak November 16, 2022
I’ve always used aluminum foil, like four layers stacked and cut slightly large then fold the excess under. BUT for 99% of things I use them for I just put them on a sheet pan on top of parchment and that works fine (with no interior bottom)
JanetFL July 3, 2013
Do you know who made the pans?
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