How to save pound cake crust while removing from tube pan

I love to make pound cakes with the crispy crust but can't remove from the pan without cracking it apart. Any ideas on inverting the cake without destroying the crust?



Nancy November 22, 2020
Occurs to me there is more than one way to understand your question.
Do you mean by "save the crust"
• Keep it intact with the cake?
• keep it separate from the cake to eat some other way?
Rebecca F. November 22, 2020
If the recipe you're using says to grease the pan, I'd recommend spraying the pan well in all the nooks and crannies with a good baking spray—while I use Pam for everyday, I've found that Baker's Joy ( is particularly helpful with it comes to tube pans/bundts/pans with intricate designs. You can also try using a pastry brush to paint on melted shortening or coconut oil all over the pan (butter will work too and of course taste great, but sometimes encourages sticking.) If the recipe suggests flouring the pan, do that too, and be sure to tap out any excess flour.

If you're making angel food or chiffon cakes, however, the recipe may say not to grease the pan, as the beaten egg whites in the batter need to hold onto the pan to ensure proper rising. In these situations, you simply have to forgo a bit of the outer crust. Let the cake cool for 10 minutes, then use a thin knife to cut around the outer edge of the tube and the edges of the cake, pull the cake out the pan, then cut the top of the cake free by sliding the knife between the pan and the top edge, then carefully invert the cake onto a platter.

Hope this helps!
Nancy November 22, 2020
Very hard to do in tube pans, as you've found.
Two other ideas.
Bake the cake(s) in loaf or square pans lined with parchment paper. After baking, trim the crusts.
Roll or pour out very thin layer or batter into sheet pans. Bake and use.
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