Acceptable substitutes for ricotta?

Louisa's Cake
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kathleen K. December 19, 2017
How would I adjust to make this cake at elevation (8,800 ft)?
Nancy December 18, 2017
Various American soft cheeses are recommended as alternatives - cottage, farmer's, pot cheese - but my sense is this was a make-shift replacement when ricotta was less available in mainstream groceries.
Trouble is, most of those suggested replacements have a very different nuttrient profile (more protein, less fat) than ricotta.
You might get closest by combining one of the soft cheeses mentioned with cream cheese.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 18, 2017
I haven't tried this, but in the comments, one person said the following: "I had only half cup fresh part skimmed ricotta from my blue apron dinner. I added half cup low fat yogurt because that was I had. Used Granny Smith Apple. 1.5 regular size lemon zest. It came out so good! Makes me wonder if I can make it with yogurt instead of ricotta cheese which I don't have regularly in my refrigerator."
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