A question about a recipe: Louisa's Cake

I have a question about step 2 on the recipe "Louisa's Cake" from SML Office. It says:
"Cream the butter and sugar in a standing mixer until light and fluffy."

I'm attempting this tonight SANS standing mixer...Are there any other "minimalist" cooks like me who mix by hand?? I'm thinking a whisk and some muscle would work....suggestions? comments?

Louisa's Cake
Recipe question for: Louisa's Cake


Jonica H. September 15, 2017
I just use a fork.
bklyncook April 8, 2011
The whisk didn't work out so well, ( had a whisk FULL of creamed butter at one point) but a fork followed by a wooden spoon did the trick...
LittleKitchen April 7, 2011
whoops... I meant whisk.... not spatula.
LittleKitchen April 7, 2011
I like to start with a sturdy fork to get things going and then switch to a whisk when the butter softens a bit. It's hard to start with a spatula, but it does help get it fluffy in the end. I have a stand mixer and still choose this option sometimes because I don't want to lug that thing off the shelf.
hardlikearmour April 7, 2011
It can be done, though I'd probably use a wooden spoon rather than the whisk. Make sure your butter is nicely softened, too.
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