I made 3 different kind stuff of cookie doughs (all resting in fridge) and accidentally used bread flour instead of AP. Will they be horrible? Thanks!

The doughs are for rugelach, hazelnut thumbprints, and roll out butter cookies, all of which are resting in the fridge and haven’t been baked off yet. Really hoping they won’t be tough and crumbly! Thoughts?

Alexa Prendergast


kim December 19, 2017
You should have no problem. I ran out of AP flour and substituted my bread flour. Absolutely no difference in taste, texture or baking.
702551 December 18, 2017
At this point, it's already a sunk cost. You've made the three doughs, nothing will change that.

Just shape a couple of cookies from each, bake them and find out for yourself if you find the end product acceptable for whatever purpose you had in mind.

If the quality of a given bungled cookie dough is acceptable, proceed with baking off the rest of the batch. If something doesn't come up to your quality levels, then forget it, save yourself the time and expense (oven power).
Stephanie B. December 18, 2017
They might be a little more tough than usual, but since most cookie recipes don't get lot of mixing or kneading, I bet they'll still turn out well.
drbabs December 18, 2017
Christina Tosi uses King Arthur bread flour in her cookie recipes in Milk Bar. I hope your cookies are awesome.
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