COOKIE TIME! This isn't really a pickle, I'm just curious as to what kinds of cookies the 52ers out there are baking up? I made up several batches of dough this weekend and I am in the zone: peanut butter, triple choc, pecan sandies and molasses cockaigne. Need to get started on rolled gingerbread and sugar cookies, and probably some jelly thumbprints? Please share what you're baking, especially if the recipe is here on food52, thanks!



aussiefoodie December 20, 2010
I have a white chocolate version of rocky road - its always popular - I'll post pic's tonight
lapadia December 20, 2010
Oh ya, I always make rocky road too, it is a quick, no bake that everybody asks for:
hardlikearmour December 20, 2010
I'm making caramels and candied orange peel, but no cookies. I'm experimenting with infusing the cream to see what happens. I'm doing the lavender macadamia caramels from this site, I'm trying some with lapsang souchong tea, and some with urfa biber pepper which I plan on sprinkling with crushed pink peppercorn when they are done.
cowgirlculture December 20, 2010
Fun question! Can't wait to see other people's choices. On my agenda this week (after much testing of recipes) is:

ruguh-love: fun and easy take version of the classic. Its awesome!

spritz cookies: classic, chocolate and lemon

Merrill's crispy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

AntoniaJames' st clements orange and lemon cookies!

These ssecret cookies for Santa

Hope everyone is having fun!
aussiefoodie December 20, 2010
I've baked my own recipe of Fruit Mince Pies (on Food52), Ina Garten's Dried Fruit Cookies (drizzled with white chocolate), Molly Wizenberg's Dried Fruit & Nut Balls (drizzled with dark chocolate), and my family's tradition of White Chocolate Rocky Road. I also tried the Coffee Spiced Shortbread with Crystallized Ginger from the December issue of Bon Appetit - but wasn't as happy with it - the coffee flavor was rich enough, and the shortbread was as smooth and buttery as I'd like.
lapadia December 20, 2010
Recipes I have on Food52 - Pizzelles, Biscotti, Krispy Kringles:
mrslarkin December 20, 2010
Wow! You cookie bakers kick serious butt!

So far I've done crispy chocolate chip cookies, pecan balls, Irish lace cookies, decorated sugar cookies, and mint chocolate cookies (my hands-down favorite).

Here's the recipe for the mint chocolate cookie, and picture below. Bake them for 9 minutes though, if making 48 cookies, for a chewy cookie. I have a friend who makes these big (24) and she bakes them for the full time. They are fantastic!

I wanted to do Italian Sprinkle Cookies, and also try this recipe for Sarah Bernhardt's (my all-time-favorite cookie to buy at the bakery) but I'm quickly losing steam!
Soozll December 20, 2010
I'm making those 7-layer cookies from smitten kitchen, too. They are so good!
Almond Florentines (from David Lebovitz)
Mini Black Bottom Cupcakes - family recipe
Almond Snow Balls - family recipe
Sandbakkels - family recipe
Krumkaka - family recipe
Cookie Monster's Famous Sugar Cookie cutouts -daughter says it's tradition!
And...if it will ever stop raining before Christmas here in the SF bay-area:
Fudge - Chocolate, Maple, Brown Sugar and vanilla cherry
Peanut Brittle -
Toffee Bark - the one with the saltines in the base
gigiaxline December 20, 2010
Just made this dough and will bake off in the next day or two: . I usually use duck eggs instead of chicken eggs and the cookies turn out fabulous. Yum.
AntoniaJames December 20, 2010
St Clements Orange and Lemon Cookies (one of my first food52 recipes):

Lebkuchen (my own recipe, with finely chopped crystallized ginger and orange peel), with the same lemon and orange icing I use for the St Clements cookies.

Nut Crescents -- the old favorite, but I toast the pecan pieces before chopping and putting them into the dough. It utterly transforms the cookie.

Truffles -- dark chocolate and mint rolled in sweet ground chocolate, and dark chocolate and almond flavored rolled in toasted chopped almond slivers

Bourbon Balls -- a new recipe, but I won't use it again, as on the second day, they are much too moist.

Lots and lots of candied orange peel (Russ Parson's method, modified due to interruptions / time delays caused by client demands, etc., but they turned out really well!!)

Plus, I made Kentucky Whiskey cakes.

And I'll make a baked figgy pudding (my own recipe, which I'll post after Christmas, if time permits).

Very interested in what the rest of you all are doing. Great question!!! ;o)
iuzzini December 19, 2010
Rainbow cookies!
These are so good that I am baking a second batch this week. :)
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