Forgot the chips in the cookie dough!

Last night I made the original version of Toll House cookie dough. You make the dough 3 days in advance and let it rest. I rolled it into a neat log and refrigerated it to "age". I had planned to slice and bake it. Clever, no? I didn't realize till today that I forgot the key ingredient! I guess I'll bring to room temp and stir or knead in the chips... Thoughts?

  • Posted by: creamtea
  • November 10, 2015


creamtea November 11, 2015
Oldunc and SusanW, yes, it was my thought to roll them into a log and cut; I have made them as drop cookies. Also the three-day rest was recommended in the Serious Eats article, so you're right, there are a few changes to the original recipe; I also add only one 10 ounce package of chips.
drbabs November 11, 2015
How about baking them as is and then melting the chips and dipping the baked and cooled cookies halfway into the melted chocolate. A new variation!
ktr November 10, 2015
I'd bake them as is and eat the chocolate chips on the side. But I admit I prefer chocolate chip-less cookies.
Susan W. November 10, 2015
I think I would press the chips into each slice rather than mess with the gluten and resting.

I'm so curious about the recipe. Do you have a link?
creamtea November 10, 2015
Here's the link:
Susan W. November 10, 2015
Creamtea, thank you. I have to say that I made Alice Medrich's butter cookies and today (day 3) the slice and bake cookies are even better than day two. I think the two day wait is a thing.
Susan W. November 10, 2015
@creamtea, I noticed you said you rolled yours into a log as opposed to the flattened discs in the recipe. Did you do that just because it seemed like a good way to go?
Smaug November 11, 2015
Actually, the book was first published in 1930. According to my source (the usually infallible Maida Heatter) it called for 2 cups of chocolate and an overnight rest. The recipe is to all intents and purposes that printed on most brands of chocolate chips- Toll House eliminated the step of dissolving the baking soda in water in later editions.
Smaug November 11, 2015
Also, I believe this is the first I've heard of anyone making them as sliced icebox cookies. In the original they were drop cookies (actually an adaptation of an older recipe called "Butter Drop-Do cookies).

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Meaghan F. November 10, 2015
1) NO WAY, I had no idea there was an "original" TH recipe! 2) Do you think you could gently press chips onto the top of each slice before baking? Or would that smoosh them too much?
702551 November 10, 2015
I'd break up the dough into smaller portions, they'll reach room temperature faster. Also, I'd knead in the chips into the smaller dough portions separately rather than try to do it all in one big batch. Less chance of having a portion of dough with few/no chocolate chips.

Anyhow, it's probably a mistake that has been made tens of thousands of times.

Good luck.
HalfPint November 10, 2015
Maybe you can roll out the dough, scatter the chips over half, fold and repeat. Maybe repeat one or two more times. Then roll into a log. Just a thought.
dinner A. November 10, 2015
I think rolling is the way to go, since it would incorporate the chips with a minimum of kneading/stirring. There isn't a ton of water to develop gluten structure in cookies, but there is some, and it's also had a long time to integrate, so I'd worry about making them tough with much mixing.
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