can I glaze cookies and then freeze them?

  • Posted by: stingle
  • December 19, 2017


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kim December 19, 2017
I have tried refrigerating glazed sugar cookies (simple milk, confectionary sugar and vanilla glaze). The glaze actually got a little wet, so not being too pleased with those results, I never bothered to try freezing. I would suggest (if possible) freezing the unglazed cookie then glaze when needed (and thoroughly thawed). If you do decide to try freezing glazed cookies, I would suggest only placing one or two in the freezer, that way if it doesn't work or isn't up to your standards, you haven't lost an entire batch.

Hope it helps!
stingle December 19, 2017
Thanks so much for your response--that was my gut was telling me! I will freeze unglazed.
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