Poundcake Glaze that cracks off?? Help!

How can I make a poundcake glaze that doesnt crack and break off after the first day?? I use lemon juice, powdered sugar and some Karo syrup but it still cracks off, especially if I freeze the cake for later use. I like to keep my poundcake at room temp. so I have some concern in using butter, buttermilk, cream cheese, etc in the glaze. Any help would be appreciated!!

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AntoniaJames August 2, 2011
Yes, ChefJune is absolutely right on all counts. Have been thinking about making my mother's sour cream cake, baking it in several loaves (instead of in the enormous tube pan), glazing it with lemon and sending it to my parents with some just-picked-and-put-up blueberries in light syrup. Now I absolutely must! ;o)
ChefJune August 2, 2011
Hmmmmmm. Have we ever had a pound cake challenge?
ChefJune August 2, 2011
I've found the best glaze for pound cakes is a simple sugar syrup (flavored however you like it) that is imbibed into the cake while it is still in the pan and hot.

I remove the cake from the oven, let it sit 10 minutes, then poke it full of holes and pour the warm syrup on. It soaks into the cake, keeps it incredibly moist, and forms a lovely crust on the outside.

Let the cake cool COMPLETELY before removing it from the pan. Works beautifully every time.
boulangere August 2, 2011
I doubt a bit of butter would run you into trouble at room temp, and I agree with you that that's where it belongs. Coconut oil would likely be just fine also. And I agree with nishis that it should be frozen unglazed. As for quantity and time, at home I'll cut something like this into halves or quarters and double-wrap them for freezing. That way, I'm sort of saved from myself. I don't feel compelled to eat it up too ridiculously fast or feel guilty about throwing it away.
nishis August 2, 2011
First of all, I wouldn't freeze the cake once glazed unless what your saying is that your glaze cracks if used on a frozen cake.
How long do you intend to keep your poundcake out (they do not last more than a couple of days at my house)? If its awhile, I would suggest glazing pieces as you serve them. The cracking issue is lack of fat which would best be remedied by butter or cream cheese. Coconut oil might be a good option for you (with powdered sugar and lemon juice)....or I daresay crisco (spectrum shortening).
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