Easy but delicious brunch

Lois Charles


PHIL December 21, 2017
How about shakshuka / eggs in purgatory? Lots of recipes on this site. Always a hit, here is pic of mine
Summer O. December 21, 2017
I would have to agree with MMH and add in a fruit salad with not the usual suspects for fruits and some store bought pastries, yogurt, granola and a mimosa and/or bloody mary bar. I actually did this for the day after my wedding brunch at our house.
BerryBaby December 21, 2017
Strata, yogurt with fruit/nut toppings, ham/sausages, seasonal fruit salad. BB
Nancy December 21, 2017
Another way to go is to get lots of good rolls (bake ahead of time by you or picked up from the bakery you favor).
Then if you want to go sweet provide high quality or local butters and a variety of cheeses, with jams and fruit.
Or savory, provide smoked fishes and deli meat, with appropriate condiments....all purchased ready-to-eat.
Drinks - coffee, tea, juice, one prosecco cocktail if you like.
Vanessa December 20, 2017
I roast potatoes and herbs. Serve eggs bacon and sausage. Also i buy 2-3 different cheeses. Bring them to room temperature serve along eggs etc with fig jam and crusty bread.
MMH December 20, 2017
Bagels & lox with all the accompaniments & scrambled eggs.
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