Really quick easy garlic bread

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I do a stove top garlic "roasting" method with equally good results as in the oven. Yes, this is really oil poaching! In a small saucepan add as many garlic cloves as you'd like then barely cover with a good olive oil. Cook on low heat until the cloves are golden brown and soft. They will be sweet and spreadable and then you can save the oil in the fridge (think food safety!) to use for cooking later when you want that nice mellow garlic flavor.
Sara,Comerford August 13, 2013
I usually take whatever bread you're using, I prefer baguette or a Italian loaf, split it in half. Spread either olive oil or butter over it. Then I like to use a fresh mix of garlic, oregano, parsley, parmesan and salt/pepper. Then bake open faced in the oven until warm and crispy. Yum.
ChefJune August 12, 2013
I realize it's not traditional, but my family's favorite is when I roast a head of garlic, then put the cooled cloves in the (very cold) food processor bowl with the metal blade. With the motor running I pour a cup of very cold heavy cream and let the processor go until the butter forms. THEN I spread it on both sides of a baguette that's been sliced horizontally, wrap that in foil and heat in the oven. (Probably not as quick as what you were look ing for...)
HalfPint August 12, 2013
Saw this on a cooking show (can't recall whose): take loaf of bread, split lengthwise, and toast until lightly browned. Take one clove of peeled garlic and rub onto the cut side. Brush with a good quality extra virgin olive oil or melted unsalted butter. Sprinkle lightly with salt. Serve immediately.
Beatrice,Romeo August 12, 2013
Make a confit of garlic first(put all your garlic in oil and cook over low heat till completely soft- about 1hr). Then have your butter out&soft. Puree the garlic confit. Whip the butter, add the garlic, chopped parsley&seasonning. Cut your bread(an overnight bread works best, dont go for fresh bread). Spread the garlic butter on each side. Put in the oven for about 7/12 mins depending on the size of your bread.
For extra flavor I add grated cheddar cheese on top.
Nan August 14, 2013
Do you put the garlic in oil peeled
bigpan August 11, 2013
Another thought is to roast a whole head of garlic Cut the top off, drizzle with olive oil, wrap in foil and put in the oven until soft (350F for 40min should do it.
Squeeze out the garlic into some butter and a bit of chopped chive. (add some fresh crushed garlic if you want more garlic taste).
Spread on the sliced baguette, wrap in foil and pop in the oven.
Catherine August 11, 2013
Sounds delish
Monita August 11, 2013
Forgot to add: Before wrapping it in foil, you can also cut slices; but not all the way through. Then you can pull it apart instead of cutting when it's warm.
Monita August 11, 2013
Take one baguette and split it down the center but not cut all the way through. Spread olive oil on both sides; smash 1-2 cloves garlic and rub into the bread. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle grated parm. cheese. Wrap in foil and bake in 350 oven for 10-15 min
Catherine August 11, 2013
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