I plan to cook 2 beef rib roasts to medium rare they are both a little over 6lbs each.Do I use the same cook time per lb as a 12-13 lb roast?

Last years roast was very tasty but well done. We had 24 people to feed and they all brought dishes that needed to be kept warm or cooked. The meat got tired of the wait.

  • Posted by: nigel
  • December 20, 2017


Sara B. December 21, 2017
Cook time should be as if they are separate. Absolutely use a meat thermometer and it may be an instant reading that you do not leave it in. With the investment that you have in the beef you must use a thermometer...in my opinion.
MMH December 21, 2017
I would use an inserted thermometer with a remote in each so you can monitor the internal temperature. It's temperature not time.
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