How can i keep a duck refrigerated for 1 week?

I have found a perfect duck, which i want to cook it for New Years. Is there any way I can prep it and refrigerate it, not freeze it? And if, yes, please let me know how.

Thank you in advance,
Ioana Paun

Ioana Aritona Paun


Peter R. December 22, 2017
First, look at the expiry date on the label. If it's more than a week, you're okay. If less, the rate of biochemical reactions underlying spoilage doubles with each 10 degree rise in temperature. The duck will keep indefinitely frozen and perhaps will spoil overnight at room temperature. If you have problems with meat keeping in your fridge for a week, try keeping the duck in a plastic bag in a bowl of ice. That should keep it a week.
Nancy December 22, 2017
Peter, thanks for the reminder of store or butcher 'use by advisory date.
Not sure about the ice doing much good if duck is beyond safe-by date AND fridge has problems keeping cold.
Last, duck at room temp (about 70F) definitely unsafe.
Nancy December 22, 2017
PS meant "duck at room temp OVERNIGHT is unsafe"
Nancy December 22, 2017
Not to my knowledge.
Even cooked, advice recommends 3-4 days.
See notes in attached search.
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