Can anyone recommend a knife sharpening service in NYC?

I had a mishap with my beautiful Sabatier knife over the holidays and it must be made right!

  • Posted by: JaniceB
  • January 4, 2018


Da N. April 15, 2021
Hello, I use a mobile knife sharpening service that has very good ratings and review. They are called The Sharpest NYC.

You can find their info on Yelp or Google.
I made an appointment through text and got only 5 of my most used knives sharpened. I wanted to test the waters before i jumped in. He picked up my knives and was done in about 20-30 mins! I tested them out and everything cut like butter! The sharpest I have ever had my knife. I think they may even better than out of the factory. I was so happy with how my knives came out and will be sharpening the rest of my knives with The Sharpest!

The Sharpest was very friendly and accommodating. He's good at what he does and is very professional. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family!
joanndiresta September 13, 2020
you can use a mail service called I used them and was very pleased with the service.
Liz B. January 8, 2018
Stores that sell sewing machines usually can send knives out for you. Broadway Vacuum in Astoria offers this service.
jimmyray January 6, 2018
Henry Westpfal & Co Inc, West 25th. Good people, fair prices.
jimmyray January 6, 2018
Henry Westpfal & Co Inc, West 25th. Good people, fair prices.
amysarah January 5, 2018
Try Mike & Sons Sharpening - he makes house calls in his mobile truck/workshop, longtime family business. Just Google his phone # - I think he's based in Brooklyn. There used to be (may still be) a place at Chelsea Market too. I'd also check the restaurant supply district around Bowery.
702551 January 4, 2018
Since no one has chimed in, I will offer three generic suggestions.

1.) old school cutlery shop - NYC is big enough to have some of these. Ask them for a recommendation (they might do the sharpening on site).

2.) butcher - better grocery stores and places with a staffed butcher counters will likely know. In some cases you can drop off your knives to be worked on when the knife sharpening service comes by to work on the butchers' knives.

3.) farmers market - the one in my town has as a knife sharpening service on most weekends. Give them a less valuable knife the first time to develop trust.

While NYC doesn't have a traditional Japantown, it is certainly large enough to have some relevant Japanese knife stores. I would ask those guys whether or not they had any recommendations.

Best of luck.
igor January 5, 2018
I've also been told that Whole Foods will sharpen knives or get them done for you. Never tried it but it's worth a shot. Happy New Year.
Nancy January 5, 2018
cv -
All good suggestions.
More in this vein:
3) If you shop regularly at a caterer or grocery store that does food prep, ask them where they get their knives sharpened.
4) Ditto with a restaurant where you are a regular.
5) Retail. Williams Sonoma in most cities give courses, including knife skills, and also offer sharpening services (sometimes connected to the courses, sometimes not).
6) Cooking schools...professional, trade, college, whatever. They likely do their own sharpening, or can suggest professionals who do it.
Nancy January 5, 2018
PS So, I can't count. Should be #4-7
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