we are having rack of lamb with a mint sauce. What vegetable side goes with this?

would like to sides...a vegetable and a grain side.

Theo Stratis


Liz B. January 8, 2018
I made a rack of lamb for Christmas. It came out so delicious - perfectly rare but not under-cooked - so tender, SO yummy! My side dishes were simple roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts with walnut butter. I think those dishes carried on the "winter" theme and were completely satisfying.
msmely January 6, 2018
With any form of roast beast I love roast vegetables, especially parsnips, swedes, squash, sweet potato, new potatoes, carrots, turnips, radishes, any root vegetable. For a starch+greens side herbed new potatoes are great with a zippy salad, such as one dressed with April Bloomfield's lemon caper dressing.
Nancy January 6, 2018
I like the ratatouille vegetables with lamb (e.g. tomato eggplant zucchini), alone or separately. Also good are stuffed tomatoes, peppers or onions. But all seem more summery than suited for deep-freeze winter.
For winter side dish, I would do one or more of parsnip, potato (white, yellow or sweet), squash, maybe grilled celery and/or roasted onion.
Any grain you like or have on hand, but very simple preparation to serve as a background (and not competition) for the lamb, mint and vegetable flavors.
Nancy January 6, 2018
Should read "alone or cooked together"
scruz January 6, 2018
creamed potatoes or spinach. i'm hooked since i just rediscovered them. asparagus is good too.
AntoniaJames January 5, 2018
I'd make a farro "risotto" with peas - along the lines of this, but leaving out the sausage, egg and cheese https://food52.com/recipes/3665-farro-risotto-with-sausage-mushroom-peas-and-a-poached-egg , or using this "no recipe" method https://food52.com/blog/6045-how-to-make-any-risotto-in-5-steps
and serve a bright salad on the side, like this one: https://food52.com/recipes/37034-eric-korsh-s-farm-lettuces-salad-with-dill-vinaigrette
Hope this helps. ;o)
pierino January 6, 2018
Farro is a grain but a good choice. I was thinking polenta myself. But for a vegetable side I would suggest carrots or artichoke.
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