chili too acidic

I think there is too much tomato paste and the recipe called for lemon and it
Any way to doctor it? I have a virtual VAT of it made ahead for a party! Recipe from The Silver Palate Restaurant cookbook, Chili for a crowd.

Cathy Gaul


Cathy G. January 12, 2018
Yes there are red kidney beans. Will try the sugar. Maybe cinnamon. Can’t have chocolate but an interesting idea.
Cathy G. January 12, 2018
Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Chili is in the freezer now but when I defrost it I will try the ideas you have. That should knock back the acidity. If it turns out it was too much fresh dill-idk what else to try. One fix at a time!
nance January 12, 2018
Are there beans in your chili? If not, add some. I'd also add some sugar to take the edge of the acid off--it's an old trick my Italian buddy uses for marinara/tomato sauce. Finally, stir in some cocoa powder. It can mellow the chili and does not add a chocolate taste.
GsR January 12, 2018
Beans in chilie? I think not! Add beans and it’s something else, but not chilie!
MMH January 11, 2018
I would be tempted to add sweet to it. When my chilie is too spicy I add sweet corn.
Niknud January 9, 2018
Not sure about too acidic, but when my chili gets too hot when I can't stop adding chilies, I usually add some masa flour. It has a nice toasty corn flavor and it can thicken it up a bit. Not sure it actually cuts the heat, but it does balance out the flavor so it gets less overwhelming. And to echo Nancy, let me know how you fix it. I love the Silver Palate cookbook Chili for a Crowd recipe! Didn't know it had lemons in it but it's been a while since I used that recipe - if I'm remembering it right it had black olives in it (which I love, shamelessly appropriated, and now routinely add to my own chili recipes!
Nancy January 9, 2018
Cathy - a few suggestions.
Time...if you have it, leave in fridge a day or two, then taste. Flavors may have blended/interacted to create better overall taste
If not, go to plan B, with several alternatives.
1) bulk. Divide this chili in half, make half recipe of original without the acidic elements. Mix, taste, adjust, heat & serve.
2) buffer. Serve with fatty or starchy foods to balance the acidity in the meal if not the dish. Cheese, sour cream, avocado, cornbread.
3) science. Remember ph ratings from chemistry? Acid is low value, base is high. Look up foods that are basic and add some to chili to offset acid. Some sites recommend baking soda, but I haven't tried it so can't give you road-test report.
Good luck and please tell us how you fix this!
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