Roasted Red Chili Paste was unrefrigerated but open . Is it safe to eat?

I just made salad dressing with some roasted red chili paste that was opened but unrefrigerated. Is the dressing safe to eat?

  • Posted by: mlinda
  • June 5, 2012


DJ D. April 1, 2015
In all likelihood the answer is yes. Check the label of the chili paste. If it does not say "refrigerate after opening" (and most of them don't), then it is not prone to spoilage, and will not have polluted your salad dressing.
chef O. June 7, 2012
Too bad - it would have been fine
mlinda June 5, 2012
I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and threw everything out. Thanks for your response.
boulangere June 5, 2012
If it's similar to Sambal Olek, sure. That stuff has so much acid in it that it's almost bulletproof, so to speak.
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