Post-surgical cooking hacks

I will be in a sling for about four weeks while my left shoulder recuperates from surgery. I am right handed. I do most of the planning and cooking for our family (2-3 people). Any suggestions for easy, nutritious, mostly warm (and primarily vegetarian) lunches (for me) and dinners (for us)? I will have some support from my husband for one meal a day.
Thank you!



MMH January 18, 2018
Make some really good chicken stock & freeze it in 2 cup portions. You now have the base for your favorite soups which you can make ahead and freeze and reheat easily.
scruz January 18, 2018
remember that you can go to your local supermarket salad bar to get chopped onions, celery etc.
Nancy January 18, 2018
Cook in smaller quantities and pots, so you can lift easily with on arm.
BerryBaby January 17, 2018
Slow cooker and one pan meals. Check out the new contest entries. Lots of great ideas. Good luck and warm wishes for a speedy recovery. BB💐
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