Has Anyone Successfully Baked True Whole Wheat No Knead Bread?

Hi all!

Over the last few months I've been learning how to bake bread by reading Bread Toast Crumbs (Alexandra Stafford) and My Bread (Jim Lahey). Each week I’ve been baking “learning loaves” using only the basic/master recipe in an effort to familiarize myself with the dough, keep the variables to a minimum, and produce a “good” loaf. I feel that I’ve (mostly!) gotten there and, as a next step, would like to see if it is truly possible to produce a no-knead loaf using 100% whole wheat (and not a blend) which seems to be the white whale of no knead bread!

And so my question is, has anyone successfully produced a 100% whole wheat no knead loaf (not too gritty or dense and is elastic) that they would consider sharing/serving with others?

One last thing I should mention as you consider the above is that I'm looking to produce a plant-based loaf (with the use of eggs, dairy products or honey).

I would welcome any suggestions/insights from community members and thank everyone in advance!



Trish January 22, 2018
Yes, but the taste was acidic. Not dreamy bread. But, it worked. Here is a photo from last year, a breakfast. 😊
Trish January 22, 2018
Ignore the poached eggs. 😊
AntoniaJames January 22, 2018
I haven't tried one, but the recipe you linked looks great! I was planning to make bread today or tomorrow, so I'm going to try this recipe, putting the dough together this evening and baking tomorrow evening. Stay tuned . ;o)

P.S. One tip when using whole wheat flour in breads . . . . even if the recipe doesn't call for any sweetener, for doughs using commercial yeast (as opposed to my starter) I often add a tablespoon or two of honey, as whole wheat can tend toward the bitter. I don't notice it as much when using a starter fed for 4+ days, which is fruity and naturally a touch sweet. You could use maple syrup instead.
AntoniaJames January 24, 2018
I tried the recipe linked above and was underwhelmed, at least when shaped as a boule and baked in a Dutch oven. I didn't get much oven spring after a 24 hour proofing. I suspect that the seeds and oats may get in the way of the gluten formation, or even cut the gluten strands. It seemed over proofed as well. I may try again, stirring the dough a bit at the outset to help with the gluten, but baking after 8 or 9 hours.
Being the veteran baker that I am, I'm not discouraged. The bread will make tasty croutons and toast. ;o)
P.S. I use the Tartine Bread cookbook method for making wheat artisanal breads. It's quite a bit more involved than any overnight no-knead loaf, but the bread is extraordinary, making it well worth the effort. The variation that's studded with walnuts and olives is particularly good.
Nancy January 21, 2018
Close but maybe no cigar.
Has a little bit of white flour, and some honey.
But maybe worth using as a jumping off point, and modifying.
Nancy January 22, 2018
More than a little white flour, but tastes good.
And, could replace with whole wheat and work the sweetness/moisture.
Also, use agave or maple or birch syrup instead of the honey.
StevenJC123 January 20, 2018
Typo alert: I meant to write withOUT the use of eggs, dairy products or honey!
Nancy January 21, 2018
And forgot I had a multigrain no-knead recipe. Have a look:
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