No matter how I cook my hamburgers - low & slow, hot 'n fast, high fat %, lean meat... they always end up shrunk to slider size. How do I fix this?

Cookin' Kim


Cookin' K. January 30, 2018
Your advice on burger shape worked! In fact, the burgers were freakin' HUGE! Obviously i can cut back on the amount I use per patty - No more over-compensating!
MMH January 30, 2018
Many people smash the patties with a spatula during cooking which often causes this problem.
Cookin' K. January 30, 2018
Oh - I'm not a squisher, believe me. When I see people do that and all that sumptuous juice flowing out & evaporating, I get an eye twitch! I don't know how that practice even got started - who was the numpty who thought squishing burgers was a good idea?
Keeps me up at night... 😉
Nan January 30, 2018
Try having your meat room temp
scruz January 30, 2018
use more meat per burger. i will get 4=5 burgers out of 1.25 lbs of meat but have been known to make fewer bigger ones. also, make them at least a half inch thick with a slight depression in the middle on both sides since they shrink and get thicker in middle as they cook. mine are usually a 4:1 mix of hamburger/lamb with chopped onion. i only grill them as i don't have a kitchen fan and start them indirect for 5 mins to begin and flip and then direct for a minute or so per side at end once i am satisfied they are slightly rarer than i want and the direct heat won't overcook. yum. it's shirtsleeve weather out right now. must go to freezer to see if i have any stashed from last summer.
Cookin' K. January 30, 2018
The last time I made them, I made 3 burgers from 2lb of 85/15 mince. They looked like medium rare tennis balls sitting on enormous buns. 🤔
I'm making them tonight, so I'll try your shape idea - thicker on the perimeter & a divot in the middle. I also may try using a meatloaf recipe (maybe).
Thank you for the advice! Not quite shirtsleaves here yet - outside grilling may be a bit, um, ambitious... haha!
Happy eatings! - Kim
SMSF January 31, 2018
Scruz, I shape the same way with perfect results. For me it's 3 burgers per pound of 85/15 beef, or 80/20 if I can find it.

I grill the first side on direct medium heat (gas grill) then flip, add cheese, and let them go two more minutes. Toast the buns off to the side during that last minute. Perfection!
SMSF January 31, 2018
I should have said above that the first side is grilled for 5 minutes.
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