Can i French toast in advance (not a casserole)

Can i make french toast in advance? Brunch is on Sunday but i don’t want to cook that am. But I want it to be delicious still!! I have brioche for the bread.

  • Posted by: Erica
  • February 2, 2018


mstv February 3, 2018
This recipe (see link) makes regular French toast (not a casserole). It is soaked overnight and cooked in the morning. So not quite what you are asking for but you could at least do all the prep ahead of time and just cook (it is baked) on the morning of. Also, for others who may be reading you don't have to let it sit overnight. It works with a shorter dip in the liquid. I usually use homemade brioche or challah.
Onestepshort February 2, 2018
Absolutley YES YOU CAN!!!

I make a whole loaf at once then cool and store in the fridge or freezer.
Just pop them in a toaster to heat and crisp up and they're as good as the day the were made!
AntoniaJames February 2, 2018
Onestepshort, that is such a great information. I had no idea! I bake all of our bread, and often have ends of sandwich loaves that I need to find ways to use. I'm going to try this. Thanks for the tip! ;o)
Erica February 3, 2018
Thank you!!!
HalfPint February 2, 2018
I make Smitten Kitchen's Baked French toast. Yes, it's a casserole but it tastes way better than some of the best French Toast that I've had. And all I have to do is prep overnight and pop into the oven the next morning. I use brioche too.

Or make the French toast the night before and reheat in the oven (on baking sheet) before serving. I can't guarantee it will be as crisp as fresh-made, but it should still taste delicious.
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