Best make-ahead salad or veggie tapas?

I need to make some salads and vegetarian tapas ahead of time for a 3 day writing retreat. They have to be refrigerated for a few days, but I could toss together some separate ingredients. I don't want to do any cooking and very minimal prep in the 3 days. Must be gluten free. Any suggestions?

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • February 5, 2018


BerryBaby February 7, 2018
Here’s beet and red onion salad. Dressing is usually very simple vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Can be made days ahead of time as well.

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Summer O. February 7, 2018
As far as veggie, gluten free tapas: tortilla español, piquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese, a crudite with several dipping sauces (I often use a chimmichurri and a green goddess), marinated mushrooms and artichokes, olives and almonds.
BerryBaby February 5, 2018
Have a recipe posted for Black Bean and Corn Confetti Salad. It’s actuallt better if a marinates a day or two. BB
Nancy February 5, 2018
In winter, a good Cole slaw. Include vegetables of many colors and some dried fruit. Can sit in fridge several days already dressed. For more flavor and crunch, top with roasted nuts just before serving
HalfPint February 5, 2018
How about a vegetable crudite platter? I recommend a mixture of raw and roasted vegetables and a garlic aioli. Assemble ahead and take out to serve.

I hear that Brazilian pao de queijo can be made GF and freeze/reheat quick easily.

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