Gluten-free make-ahead dessert?

I have a dinner party to go to on Friday night but have very little time to prep that day. Any suggestions for an awesome gluten free dessert that I can make the day/night before?

  • Posted by: dkv
  • April 9, 2019


Maggie April 13, 2019
I saw this too late but maybe someone will benefit in the future - coconut macaroons with their little bottoms dipped in chocolate.
Stacy I. April 11, 2019
what about any type of ice-box cake? So many GF cookie options you can use. It is make ahead, and usually a crowd-pleasing dessert
Ttrockwood April 10, 2019
This cake is incredible, very easy and rich chocolate-y flavor. Really needs to be served with some whipped cream and berries. Great made a day or two a head
Nancy April 9, 2019
Poached pears.
In white wine and light sugar syrup.
Top with ganache and/or whipped cream.
Peches Melba (if you can get good peaches).
Block of aged parmesan, some grapes or other fruit to nibble, walnuts, port or Vin Santo to drink.
Creme bruleè.
A rich bread pudding to be served with a creme anglaise or ice cream.
Nancy April 9, 2019
PS the bread pudding with GF bread.
Or a rice pudding.
Nancy April 10, 2019
More ideas:
Chocolate mousse or other pudding;
Fruit crisp or compote, using GF and/or nut crumble topping
Corn pudding (New England dish) if those with gluten intolerance can eat it
Alek M. April 9, 2019
Try a pavlova! It's elegant, easy, and a crowd pleaser. You can prepare the merengue, fruit, and whipped cream in advance and then assemble it at the last minute.
If you don't have enough time to make your own merengue, you could use store bought meringues to make an Eton mess instead. Not quite as pretty, but still delicious!
dkv April 9, 2019
Will the meringue not get soggy?
HalfPint April 10, 2019
If you baked the meringue well, low and slow, it should remain crisp until assembly and serving time.
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