Carrot juice ideas

I have half of a jar of carrot juice (leftover from a sauce experiment that wasnt good enough to simply make a bunch more); does anyone have any ideas on ways to use it? Im not really a fan of smoothies or juice as a drink. If you've got a recipe for carrot cake that uses juice instead of solids that'd be great.

Bonus points if you have an idea for incorporating it into a king cake for Mardi grad next week! Savory ideas also welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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mstv February 10, 2018
This recipe for carrot sauce (with scallops) uses fresh carrot juice:
My F. February 10, 2018
YummMmmmmm scallops... thanks!
MMH February 9, 2018
I have seen carrot muffin recipes that use carrot juice
MMH February 10, 2018
Also in morning glory muffins
foofaraw February 9, 2018
Just replace the whatever liquid in the King cake with the carrot juice (e.g., the warm water used for starting yeast, if you need to cook the filling and have additional water, the 1t-1T water addition to make the glaze, etc). I don't know which recipe you normally use for King Cake, but carrot juice is pretty mild, at least to me, and the additional sugar amount is negligible to the original sugar amount in any King Cake. I think it will add lovely color to the bread also.
My F. February 10, 2018
Great idea, it WOULD make for a pretty dough, and I hate confectioners sugar glazes so it would be a good excuse not to add one. (I might also try to do a carrot-orange curd...not sure if there will be enough acid to cook the eggs, but I'ma try it if I find time tomorrow!)
Valhalla February 9, 2018
Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone has a corn, lima bean, and tomato ragout recipe that incorporated carrot juice:
MQ February 9, 2018
Carrot soup.
Nancy February 9, 2018
No recipe for cake using carrot juice instead of fresh carrot solids.
But since carrots are 88% water, you could adapt your own favorite recipe as follows. For every cup of raw carrot, use:
*6 oz carrot juice
*2 oz some other solid (to bulk out the recipe...actual carrot, other fruit, etc).
Or use it in soup.
Or save in freezer for future occasion where you can find use for it.
Nancy February 9, 2018
88% water means 7oz juice and 1 oz solid for every 8 oz of carrot requested by cake recipe.
My F. February 10, 2018
Nice strategy! hadn't thought to deconstruct what carrot pulp "IS", thanks.
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