Looking for a great but super easy carrot cake cupcake recipe

Making them for Easter, any decoration ideas will be great

  • Posted by: Ness
  • April 5, 2012


Lynnht April 6, 2012
I really like Alton Brown's recipe. (find on foodnetwork... It uses a food processor) it's a carrot cake recipe but I use it for cupcakes all the time. I've also made it with preschool classes w/o a processor or mixer and its super easy and turns out great. I probably up the spices a bit.
I use a different cream cheese frosting though and pipe it in a quick swril with a large flower tip (#828)
foidivin April 6, 2012
I always use the recipe from joyofbaking.com
However, I add a bit more of the spices and carrots. As for decorations, I'm pretty simple. I do a zig zag "carrot" with royal icing.
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