how do i keep meringue from adhereing to the sides of the dish

Sarah Kay Allen Mccrary


creamtea February 18, 2018
Usually meringue is piped or spooned onto a flat surface like a baking sheet lined with parchment paper rather than using a cake pan. The meringues if fully baked can then be easily removed using an offset spatula. You would draw a circle onto the parchment paper (trace around the bottom of a cake pan onto the paper with a lead pencil, then flip the parchment paper over so that you can see the outline through the paper. You don't want to pipe directly onto the pencil outline because you don't want to get the graphite ("lead") onto the meringue itself. If however the recipe is calling for the use of a cake pan--a bit unusual-- then probably it would be best to line the bottom as well as the sides with parchment. You can line the sides by cutting a strip of parchment. Measure around the circumference of the pan using a tape measure (add a little for overlap). This will be the length of the strip. The width of the strip should equal the height of the pan. I would think it would be easier to use the first method, however. Feel free to link the recipe you are using and the community may be able to better help you.
Emmie February 18, 2018
Is it baked? What dish is this? Meringue is inherently sticky, so a little will always adhere; I need more context to help.
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