Coconut and Meringue cheesecake recipe?

I would like to make a normal coconut cheesecake but with broken meringue bits in the cheesecake, so not as a topping or a side. Are there any recipes I could use? Also would this go well with vanilla ice cream and caramel or toffee drizzle? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Anna A
  • Posted by: Anna A
  • December 10, 2013
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1 Comment

CookOnTheFly December 10, 2013
I suggest that you make your cheesecake recipe and buy meringue bits and fold them into the batter at the last minute before you put it in the oven. Most likely your meringue bits will melt. If you want to preserve the meringue texture you might want to make a bake-less cheesecake ala the Jello style, folding in the meringue at the end before chilling. I'd never recommend serving it with ice cream, caramel or toffee drizzle will do nicely.
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